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Chemung County’s buses are now using TETRA

Chemung County in the state of New York has completed installation of a TETRA network for use in its C TRAN bus system, which has been supplied by PowerTrunk, part of the Hytera Group. 

It replaces an analogue radio system and will be used to deliver voice and data communications for controlling and managing the transit service. Along with providing the transit system’s drivers better and easier communication with system dispatchers, the new digital system has given C TRAN the ability for private conversations between the driver and dispatcher. This is especially important as it protects client information for riders on the Dial a Ride services. 
"The transition from the analogue system to the new digital TETRA system has been an extremely smooth one,” said C TRAN general manager Karen McKinley. “The dispatchers and drivers have adjusted well, and more importantly adjusted quickly, so as not to interfere with the safe transportation of our passengers."
"C TRAN’s new radio communications system brings an up-to-date, reliable method of communication for transit staff with additional safety features,” said deputy county executive and transit board chairman, Mike Krusen. “The system will complement the effectiveness of the County’s already existing and nationally recognised broadband network system."
The new system has been rolled out with assistance from PowerTrunk Inc, who provided the infrastructure and hardware. Carlos Fernandez, executive vice president and chief sales officer for PowerTrunk said, “C TRAN joins New Jersey Transit in the US as an early adopter of TETRA, a world-class digital radio technology already utilised in more than 125 countries globally.” 
Integrated Systems, from Victor, NY, assisted with the installation and integration of the TETRA network. The company and C TRAN staff continue to work closely to make system adjustments for the highest functionality of the new digital radio system. C TRAN’s future electronic fare collection system, which is expected to be rolled out next spring, will run over its new TETRA network.