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Oasis Foundation Donates Digital Radios To Cancun Fire Department

On December 19th in Cancun City, Mexico, with the presence of the Municipal President Romberto Estrada, the Fire Department of Cancun (Heroico Cuerpo De Bomberos Cancún) organized an event to thank the support of the Oasis Foundation, who donated a batch of digital two-way radios to the firemen. The donated equipment further enlarges Cancun Fire Department’s radio fleet, which has migrated from an analog two-way radio system to a DMR digital one, supplied by Hytera via its local partner Radios Cancun in the past two years.

A Hytera base station was installed at a high point in Cancun to offer coverage. The system is encrypted to prevent unauthorized eavesdropping. The administrative services use Hytera PD5 series radios, the operational firemen use PD786, and MD786 and MD656 are used for dispatching and other different functions. The system is growing and will be able to visualize positioning and dispatching.

The Oasis Foundation was founded on April 30th, 1998 as part of the ‘Oasis Social Commitment’, which aims to improve the quality of life of those in its community. It is an Oasis Hotels & Resorts social and community development organization.